What is Jodi Chart in Satta Matka ?

The regular satta gamblers must be familiar with the term Jodi charts. But, several new players in the satta industry are unaware of the term. And, thus they often wonder what it is all about and how it is helpful for the players. Let us explore this term in detail and more related content to it. Before leaping to the main topic, a short discussion on the game variation would be much helpful to understand it more clearly.

 What are different satta matka game variations?

Satta Matka, a number game, is played in different ways or variations, you can say. The entire game deals with the numbers, which are then selected and bet in your choicest ways. The game as the whole juggles between five variations, i.e. Single akda (single digit), Jodi (double digits), Panna (triple digits), Half Sangam, and Sangam. The players decide to play in any variation and accordingly selects the numbers. 

Betting in the Jodi variation, you need to collect two-digit numbers by randomly choosing the three digits twice and add it. For example, if the sum of the first three digits is 35, then the first digit for Jodi is 5. Similarly, if the sum of the second three digits is 47, then 7 is the second digit for Jodi is 7. The final Jodi number for the day is 57.

You cannot directly pick the two digits and bet. The betting rate or bhav is your choice, but the lowest rate is Rs. 10. The Jodi variation is available for almost all the satta markets like Milan Day, Kalyan, Milan Night, Rajdhani Night, Main Ratan Bombay, Morning Syndicate, Balaji Day, Kuber Balaji, Kamdhenu, Syndicate Night, Balaji Night, Janta Day and many more. 

Every day millions of participants wager in Jodi variation and win cash. The Jodi variation results are available on all the top listed satta websites. 

Similarly, all the other variations are played and result in the same shows in their scheduled timings.

What is the Jodi chart on Satta Matka?

As we discussed above, you can enjoy betting for Jodi variation in different satta markets. All these results are separately recorded and displayed in a tabular form. The collected data is for the previous and current years in a day-wise fashion. 

What is the use of the Jodi chart?

The beginners could not guess a Jodi chart more than just a game result. But, the experienced and experts matka players in the satta industry values it highly. It is a result chart for Jodi numbers. Still, it is a tool helping the participants to study the previous Jodi game results and accordingly make a calculative decision for the next bet. 

The everyday data for Jodi results are saved, and a chart is prepared. The intelligent players consider analyzing the chart before placing a bet in the Jodi variation. 

The Satta matka Jodi chart is accurate and updated regularly. Any player can utilize and analyze it before placing a bet. 

How to bet in Jodi variation?

Unlike betting in Single akda, a player needs to select two-digit numbers. These numbers are required to pick before the announcement of OPEN and CLOSE results for Single akda. You wont get a chance to bet for Jodi after the results are out for a Single variation, i.e. OPEN number. 

For instance, if you like to place a bet for Kalyan Jodi, you need to pick the numbers before Kalyan OPEN, and Kalyan CLOSE are out. Because the OPEN and CLOSE of Kalyan Single together gives the final Kalyan Jodi for the day. 

Let us take an example. Suppose the OPEN number for Kalyan today is 2 and the CLOSE number for Kalyan is 7. Now, 27 is the Jodi number for Kalyan today. Thus, the players must decide Jodi numbers before the OPEN results are out. 

The bottom line

Today, satta matka markets highly flourish across the globe. The facilities of an online platform for playing matka in different variations is hugely appreciated by gamblers. The games popularity has made the intelligent brains work and innovate new games that keep attracting and holding the enthusiasts player longer in the satta industry. 

Understanding the game rules and their variations make the game more exciting and easy. The purpose of any gambling is to win cash by betting, and so is the matka game. 

Anything beyond a limit is never good. The same rule applies to satta gambling. Enjoy betting in the different satta markets on satta matka mobi, but never mistook to fall for it at any invalid cost. In simple words, bet low and limited. For additional help, tips and tricks from professionals are available at your fingertips. Also, connect live with industry experts on our live chat section. 

We also have an option for downloading the satta game app. Now players can enjoy gambling from their comfort zones anytime, anywhere. The app is safe, and the users data is highly secured.