What is Starline Panel Chart in Satta Matka?

Matka is a word that is repeatedly used as a synonym for Gambling nationwide. Matka, in reality, means an earthen pot. Do you ever wonder how it got associated with the gambling world? The Matka game took birth in Mumbai when Mr Kalyanji Bhagat started inviting the gamblers to participate and gamble. Matka, an earthen pot, played a significant role in collecting all those number chits between 0-9 and then drawing. Thus, the betting was known as the Matka game or Satta Matka. The word Satta means gambling.

Three major satta markets, i.e. the Regular markets, King Bazar, and Starline markets, exists in the present satta industry. Under these primary markets, several Satta games or sub-markets entertains the gamblers. The Regular and King Bazar is ruling in the satta industry for years. The Starline market got introduced 2-3 years back and suddenly gained massive popularity after the outbreak of Covid-19 during the lockdown. The reason behind the sudden rise was its game timings in the day and night hours.

What is Starline Market?

The Starline market is a new addition in the satta industry and the gaming rules are similar to the other satta markets, i.e. the Regular market and King Bazar. Unlike in the other two markets, here the players get at least 12 chances to bet a day as well as in the night. The results are displayed simultaneously, which is highly appreciable by the participants as it allows them to decide on the next bet. Even the results of the night games are declared soon, allowing the players to enjoy repeated gambling.

The Starline market has three sub-markets, i.e. Kalyan Starline, Milan Starline, and Dubai Starline. Kalyan and Milan Starline are day markets, and Dubai Starline is a night market.

What is a Starline panel chart?

The Matka games are approached widely to win cash. Thus, after placing a bet, the game results are awaited eagerly. Timely announcement of the results is essential in any betting. Usually, popular sites like one is Satta Matka Mobi regularly publish accurate and quick Starline market results. The users on this site always get the quick and fast Satta results of all the Satta Matka games, including Starline.

Often, gamblers miss out to check the game results simultaneously, mainly in the night hours. In that situation, you can check the Starline panel chart.

Starline panel chart is a tabular form of all the results chart records of its sub-markets of the previous and current years. For more details, land on to Satta Matka Mobi site and browse for Starline Panel charts. You’ll come across separate Starline result pages for Kalyan, Milan, and Dubai Starline.

The listed results of the previous and current years are enormously helpful for gamblers. It may be challenging for the fresher in the satta industry to understand these results and their importance. But the regular players, including experts and professionals, values it highly. These panel charts are not simply game result records of the games in a tabular form. But the intelligent players utilize it to make mathematical calculations to pull the following lucky number to bet.

Usually, the beginners believe that Matka is a luck game, pick the random numbers and bet. But the satta industry experts are the right people to understand the importance of the Starline panel charts. They utilize these charts to prepare and plan their game strategies, analyze the past and current games, evaluates how the winning numbers are placed, and then calculates the following feasible number to bet and hope to win hefty cash. They apply the same method to find the guessing numbers, which has often proved right to bet and win real money.

Initially, the beginners might find it tough to analyze these panel charts. But over time, after experiencing a few bettings in the Starline market and constantly referring to the panel chart, they add themselves to a good understanding.

The bottom line

The Panel chart records of all the markets are essential. Additionally, it should show the accurate result figure. Accuracy of all the panel chart records is crucial because you understand the formulas for guessing the following lucky number to bet when you analyse these charts. Mistakes in the result figures will indeed make your calculations incorrect.

Players are fond of the Starline markets. The visitors of the Satta Matka Mobi site love enrolling them into the Starline games. We like supporting our visitors and players with the updated game features and accurate game results displayed live on-site and added in tabular panel charts for future consideration. If you have never tried playing the Starline games, take a chance now only and enjoy the simplest Matka games with a low betting option and instant live Matka results only on the SattaMatkaMobi site.