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Our satta matka website will assist you in locating the suitable jodi chart lists for various lotteries such as kalyan chart, mumbai chart, mian chart, rajdhani chart, and so on. These graphs will assist you in determining the most appropriate suggestion. These jodi charts have variants such as kalyan weekly jodi, milan weekly jodi, and mumbai weekly jodi.

All of the matka jodi charts are included below. These matka jodi charts are taken from old matka panel records and will assist you in making the correct guess and winning the game.

Matka Jodi Charts: What Are They?

Matka jodi charts are records of previous matka jodi games. These matka jodi charts will assist the user in correctly guessing the correct number and therefore winning matka jodi. These jodi charts are available for the players to use and play at ease. Thus, sattamatkamobi brings you what is best comfortable for you.

Milan Day Jodi Chart

Kalyan Jodi Chart

Milan Night Jodi Chart

Rajdhani Night Jodi Chart

Morning Syndicate Jodi Chart

Balaji Day Jodi Chart

Kamdhenu Jodi Chart

Syndicate Night Jodi Chart

Balaji Night Jodi Chart

Janta Day Jodi Chart

Rajdhani Day Jodi Chart

Dhanlaxmi Day Jodi Chart

Time Syndicate Jodi Chart

Bhootnath Night Jodi Chart

Madhuri Day Jodi Chart

Madhuri Night Jodi Chart

Main Ratan Day Jodi Chart

Madhuri Jodi Chart

Dhanlaxmi Night Jodi Chart

Main Sridevi Jodi Chart

Main Sridevi Night Jodi Chart

Morning Syndicate Night Jodi Chart

Bhootnath Morning Jodi Chart

Main Ratan Jodi Chart

Time Kalyan Jodi Chart

Main Mumbai Jodi Chart

Disawar Night Jodi Chart

Main Bazar Jodi Chart

Time Bazar Jodi Chart